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Peoplemon Demo Now Cross Platform!

That`s right, the Peoplemon Demo can now be played on OS X and Linux! If you were left out in the initial release now`s your chance to catch up! Head on over to the download page to get it. Let us know of any issues, testing was primarily done in Windows so there may be issues with other systems that we haven`t found yet.

BenMon Jun 06, 2016

Peoplemon Demo Release!

The demo for Peoplemon is released! Head on over to the Games section to download it! It currently only supports Windows but we plan on releasing the full game to Linux and OSX as well. Let us know what you think!


BenMon May 23, 2016


I was at my grandmothers the other day and while helping her clean out her basement, I found this cool thing. It was one of my old Peoplemon toys

chrisFri Apr 29, 2016

Peoplemon Demo

At the beginning of our first semester in college, Ben and Vince, within days of each other, both contacted me with plans to revitalize the Peoplemon dream. Little did they know I was also attempting to do so by modifying an existing Pokemon Fire Red Rom (or maybe they did, I posted about it on facebook). It was at this time we decided Peoplemon should be born anew. Since then, we have been tirelessly (at times) working on probably the greatest game of the decade. Progress does seem to slow as the semester becomes more overbearing, but we realistically hope to have it done by the end of summer. But you don`t have to wait that long! __________________________________________________________________________________ We are releasing a demo! It will feature all working game mechanics plus a few interesting maps you can explore (made by Ben Reid, our senior programmer) , an island map and some houses to enjoy (made by me, the person who for the last 6 months has almost exclusively only made maps because ledges take forever), battling (with some animations by Vince were still waitin` on ha), and tons of other things I forgot to mention specifically! The Demo release date is not set in stone but should be soon, so keep on the look out for any posts or updates!

chrisTue Jan 26, 2016

It`s a Celebration!!

It`s a week of crazy partying! With my birthday having been the 19th and Ben`s upcoming (on the 24th), we`re celebrating by working on a new game for the site. But what is it you may ask? We`ll never give you our secrets! You`ll just have to wait and see.

Birthday Game Birthing yeah..more balloon!

chrisMon Sep 21, 2015

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